Now also available in size 7

Secutec Genu Knee Orthosis

SecuTec Genu is now offered in seven sizes. The stabilizing hard frame orthosis for the knee joint can now be used for circumferences from 38 to 72 centimeters at the thigh, and from 28 to 51 centimeters at the lower leg.

The frames of the newly introduced size 7 cover a thigh circumference of 60 to 72 centimeters, and a lower leg circumference of 46 to 51 centimeters. As with the other sizes, the frames of the SecuTec for the thigh and lower leg can be combined across two sizes to ensure a perfect fit. For example, patients with a conical leg shape can wear a size 7 at the top, and size 6 or 5 at the bottom.

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