Featuring a new five-point pad

EpiPoint elbow strap

The EpiPoint’s new viscoelastic pad is now symmetrical, can be inserted, and works on the trigger points in the deep elbow muscles. The pain-relieving effect of the orthosis is improved with the five-point pad as the relieving pressure is exerted precisely on the irritated tendon attachment sites. It is now easier to use the EpiPoint too because the five-point pad is fixed once with a VELCRO® Brand Fastening System. A simple turn of the orthosis is sufficient to either relieve the radial muscle tendon junction in the case of tennis elbow or the ulnar muscle tendon junction in the case of golfer’s elbow. The product comes in one universal size and can be worn on either the right or the left arm. 

The switchover to the five-point pad is cost-neutral and is being incorporated seamlessly into the production process. The new EpiPoint is available in the color titan and the campaign color black.


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